Swiss Geo Level AG is a leading manufacturer of modern construction measurement and layout systems with headquarters in Switzerland. Many of our innovative, easy to use tools have changed the way contractors work today. The many application and trade oriented specialty products have replaced many traditional tools, once used. The wide range of products, high brand awareness coupled with continuous expansion allow us to make the claim to being Europe's most complete line supplier of construction measurement equipment.


Masterliner LM450 Pulse

Professional self-leveling multi-line laser

The new Masterliner LM450 Pulse multi line projector is the ultimate layout instrument without compromises! No more complicated set up like with rotation lasers - the Masterliner LM450 Pulse is easier to use, costs less and does even the most difficult layout combinations in seconds.

Masterliner LM450 Pulse

The Masterliner LM450 Pulse is the latest development in a series of new line generating instruments. Imagine a tool that levels itself and then projects one horizontal reference line, four vertical reference lines at 90° and a plumb reference. All the beams can be switched on at once or one at a time - you decide with the handy remote control. The heavy duty long pendulum system used to level the instrument is highly accurate and stable. Due to the higher accuracy we can recommend this tool for use with an impulse detector. Strong sunlight or long distances will never hold you back again. The Masterliner LM450 Pulse is very easy to use; simply set the tool on the floor and the remote control can turn the laser lines on when you want them and where you want them. The Masterliner LM450 Pulse was designed for the tough conditions found on the construction site. The 2.5 Kg instrument has a heavy duty all metal internal construction and a long pendulum for increased stability and repeatability. The tool was designed for interior finishing applications, but it has also proven itself for facades, metal constructions and a number of industrial applications.

Impulse detector

Our impulse detector was designed to detect a special pulse signal emitted by the Masterliner LM450 Pulse or other line lasers using the pulse technology. The impulse detector can find the line even in the brightest sunlight at distances up to 40m. The detector has an integrated audible signal and bright visible pointers to indicate the position of the laser. An optional clamp for mounting the detector to a grade rod is also available.

Interliner L900 "Cube"

Automatic rotation laser with remote control

Save time and improve the quality of the work on your construction site! Heavy duty construction, highest quality and workmanship set the Interliner L900 apart from other tools on the market. The Interliner L900 offers horizontal and vertical self-leveling, single slope adjustment, long distance remote control and more. Built to the "Old School" standards the Interliner L900 is one of the most rugged tools on the market today.

Automatic leveling

The Interliner L900 has a large range of automatic self leveling - simply place the instrument on a wall bracket or tripod and press the button - its precision electronic vials and Swiss servo motors will do the rest.

Heavy duty design

The Interliner L900 is built for everyday use under the conditions found on today's construction site. The housing is of metal and fully sealed. The glass lighthouse protects and seals the rotating head and provides good visibility. All internal components are the best available: Japanese laser diodes, the best Swiss motors and gear trains, shock resistent PC boards, sealed high quality touch pad and even the interior parts are either stainless steel or brass. The unique double slide system for aligning the mechanism is unique to the Interliner L900 and built to last. No need for batteries as the tool comes with a recharger system.

Cube form

The L900 is not the most beautiful tool to look at, but we don't believe the construction site is a place for a beauty contest. Metal housings and support structures have proven to be the most rugged, and have the least problems with temperature changes. The cube form is most practical for interior alignments and positioning for facade work. Plastic bodied tools with rounded forms and curved edges are far from being practical on the site. The base has a three points for proper stability and the back plate has also an integrated mount for tripod or brackets.

Full Functions

The Interliner L900 has all the standard functions customers have asked for: remote control, rotation speed control, stop step function to position your point or scan line where you want it, scan function with the possibility to make the line longer or shorter. Some other functions are not used everyday, but can save you a lot of time and money over the long run: field calibration function, re calibration without having to open the sealed housing and of course manual mode which allows you to project grades and slopes.

Interliner L590 / L590 G

Economical full automatic rotation laser

Simple and economical rotation lasers with the basic features needed by the construction professional. Ideal for general building construction and for Interior finishing work.

Interliner L590

The Interliner L590 is a low cost self-leveling rotation laser that works fully automatic for both vertical and horizontal applications and has an integrated floor to ceiling plumb. The Interliner L590 works with a remote control and has speed control, stop step function for positioning the point or scan line, scan line and scan line length adjustment. The Interliner L590 can also be used in manual setting which will allow you to adjust the instrument for projecting inclination and slopes. The instrument is built on a metal platform in a sealed impact resistant housing with a protective lighthouse to seal and protect the rotating head. No need for batteries as the tool comes with a recharger system. An optional car charger is also available.

Interliner L590 G (green laser)

Probably the lowest cost professional self-leveling rotation laser with a green laser on the market today. Easy to use with all the features of the standard L590 version, but with the highly visible green laser diode. The human eye is much more sensitive to green light and therefore the green laser is gaining more popularity. It is ideal for interior finishing construction where a visible line is preferred to using a detector. Most exterior contractors continue to prefer red lasers as they are ideal for aligning jobs using a laser detector.

Digital electronic inclinometers

Measurement of angles in degrees or slopes in percentages

The most complete program of digital electronic levels without compromises, available in lengths from 25cm to 180cm. Indicates level, plumb and all angles in between. Product configurations are available for many construction and industry applications.

Digital electronic levels

Measure angles in 0,1° (%) steps, simplifying measurement and layout projects. The oversize LCD display shows the measured values in clear easy to read numbers. The special reinforced profile has a pipe groove on one edge for placement on round surfaces. The ideal tool for any layout in angles or slopes. Layout for water drainage or just determining the existing grade on a street are easy to perform with the the % function. Setting roof supports for a greenhouse or fixing hand rails along stairwells is easy with the degree function. Use the hold button to check an angle from a position you can not see by placing the tool, pressing the button and reading the display. Level appliances, counter tops or even machinery using the tone signal to tell you without looking that you are there. This tool will start to save you money the minute you unpack it!


The P175 has all the features of our standard electronic digital levels, but also includes an integrated battery compartment in its own compact housing.


The P360 uses the special SWISS GEO LEVEL sensor built into a specialty precision machined aluminium frame. Ideal for industrial applications. The zero feature (unique to this model) allows you to zero the tool at any desired angle.

Distance measuring instruments

Laser and ultrasonic meters

The DISTO makes short work of once complicated interior measurements requiring two workers. Straight line measurements, continuous measurement, area and volume calculations are done in few seconds. Save time for your layout crew and reduce costly positioning errors.

Estimator U20

This low cost ultrasonic measurement tool is ideal for a quick estimation of distances up to 18m. The perfect tool for painters, carpet installers or HVAC for estimating room dimensions and volumes. The display is backlit so measurements even in area with poor lighting can be easily carried out. The laser pointer indicates approximate location of the measurement.




The compact base model was specifically designed for indoor applications. Shortcut keys for addition, subtraction, area and volume calculation make measuring fast and very reliable. The last 10 measurements are also stored. You can always see your targeting laser point, even if the target object is in a hard to access area.


The D3 is a multi-functional instrument to ensure simple, quick and reliable measurements. You can measure distances with absolute accuracy, past obstructions and determine angles quickly and precisely. The integrated tilt sensor also provides you with a horizontal distance measurement.

Engineering and Specialty products

Several engineering models with features for long distance or specialty measurement requirements are also available. Specialty software and support systems as well as a complete program of accessories. Please contact us with your requirements.

Concrete test hammer / Pathfinder II

Determine concrete compressive strength or find hidden objects

Knowing what you are getting into is important before you start with any project. Our concrete test hammer will give you an indication of concrete compressive strength and the Pathfinder II will help you find metal, wood or electric cables behind a variety of base materials.

SL-0280202 Pathfinder II

This easy to use 3 in 1 scanner allows you to find wood, metal or cables without damage to the material. The Pathfinder II is a proven technology with thousands and thousands already on the construction site. The latest model is our second generation with many improvements over the original like improved sensitivity for metal, wood and cables. The Pathfinder II is also one of the only models on the market that will give you satisfactory results even in low temperatures.

Ideal for finding rebar in concrete or steel studs behind gypsum board - up to 5cm depth. Simply scan over the surface and the large LCD and audible signal will let you know where the metal is.

If you were ever trying to make a fastening to drywall boards, you know how important it is to find the metal or wood backing. Simply scan over the surface and Pathfinder lets you know.

Concrete test hammer CM70

The CM70 is a must for every professional builder working with concrete. An indispensable non destructive test instrument for determining concrete compressive strength in reinforced concrete structures. Quick and easy to use, the CM70 can deliver estimates of concrete strength in seconds. Save time on site by determining when the next forming operation and concrete pour can start. Save money on costly drilling tools, and diamond cutting equipment by choosing the right tool for your conditions.


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