A Baur & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.

Baurs Healthcare is synonymous with quality. The precision, ethics and quality which is a hallmark of Switzerland is in the foundation and the culture of the Company.

We are prominently represented in almost all areas of Healthcare.  However, our expertise is highly recognized in the Pharmaceutical Marketing & Distribution, Supplies of Surgical, Diagnostics & Medical Nutrition.





HealthCare > Infant, Child & Maternal Nutrition

Mead Johnson has been a world leader in Pediatric nutrition for over a century. All this time, we have kept our promise of providing nothing but the very best nutritional supplements to help your children grow stronger and healthier at every stage of their development. As we look forward 100 years and more, we pledge to continue to strive to be the most trusted brand for families around the world to meet their special nutritional needs.


Our wide ranges of nutritional products are formulated to help lay the foundation for your child’s development and encourage you to let them explore the world in confidence.



A combination of active lifestyle and good nutrients can help your health in so many ways..
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Enfamama A+
Enfagrow A+ Stage 3
Enfagrow A+ Stage 4
Sustagen School 6+