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Baurs Healthcare is synonymous with quality. The precision, ethics and quality which is a hallmark of Switzerland is in the foundation and the culture of the Company.

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HealthCare > Infant, Child & Maternal Nutrition

Mead Johnson has been a world leader in infant nutrition for over a century. All this time, we have kept our promise of providing nothing but the very best nutritional supplements to help your children grow stronger and healthier at every stage of their development. As we look forward 100 years and more, we pledge to continue to strive to be the most trusted brand for families around the world to meet their special nutritional needs.


Our wide ranges of nutritional products are formulated to help lay the foundation for your child’s development and encourage you to let them explore the world in confidence.



Enfalac A+ 400g/ 900g

Enfalac A+ can be used as a supplement only when breast feeding is not adopted and under healthcare professional’s advice. Enfalac A+ is formulated to provide essential nutrients for infants from birth to 12 months.

Enfapro A+400g/ 900g

Specially designed with Sialic Acid, Arachidonic Acid, DHA, Choline and other nutrients to help support the growth of babies 6-18 months old. Enfapro A+ can be used as a supplement to solid food after breast feeding or infant formula feeding has been stopped.

Enfagrow A+400g/ 850g

Growing Up Milk Powder for Toddlers 1-3 years. New Enfagrow A+ is formulated with a blend of nutrients that includes DHA, Choline, Protein, Antioxidents, Minerals and Prebiotics. Enfagrow A+ is now enhanced with over 4 times DHA to help children maximize their learning potential.

EnfaKid A+ 400g/ 850g

Fortified Milk Powder for kids 3 years and above. Enfakid A+ provides the right nutritional support for optimal mental and physical development. Enhanced with 4 times more DHA.

EnfaMama A+400g

NEW LOOK EnfaMama A+ is formulated to help support nutritional needs during pregnancy and lactation. EnfaMama A+ provides High Protein, High Calories, DHA, Choline, Calcium, Folic Acid and other essential nutrients. EnfaMama A+ is 80% lower in fat than full cream milk.


Sustagen +400g

A combination of active lifestyle and good nutrients can help your health in so many ways. Sustagen Nutritional Supplement is nutritionally complete. Sustagen contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals and are high in protein, Calcium and low in fat with a low GI. Sustagen replenishes that body and helps maintain energy for longer. Sustagen may also provide the nutrients that may be lacking due to an insufficient diet. Above all, Sustagen has a great taste and is available in Chocolate and Vanilla flavours.