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The BAURS Consumer Division was formulated at the beginning of the year 2012 with the realization that emerging market consumers hold the key to long term success. The rise in the annual consumption of emerging markets was clear evidence that they represent a dominant force in the global economy.

The BAURS Consumer Division is now marketing a range of products such as Muesli, Biscuits, Therapeutic drinks, Jams and Spreads, Chocolates, Pastas and Cosmetics.

Our portfolio of products includes a unique range of Swiss consumer products as well as convenience products to suit the busy, healthy lifestyles.

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Baurs Cinnamon is home grown, handpicked and powdered to provide the perfect drink to revitalise your day. Cinnamon is known for its immense therapeutic benefits such as treatment for common cold, promote digestive health, reduce cholesterol and blood sugar, aid weight loss and etc. Baurs Cinnamon Drink is accredited with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and ISO 22000:2005 for Food Safety Management System, Halal Certified and endorsed by the Export Development Board with the Pure Ceylon Cinnamon certification.

The product consists of 25 bags of Cinnamon infusion, each bag weighing 1.5g. These bags are packed in an aluminium pouch to ensure freshness and hygiene of the product. Baurs Cinnamon Drink is a natural beverage that does not contain any additives and preservatives that brings the goodness of true Ceylon Cinnamon.


Britannia was found in the year 1892.Britannia was originally an English company which was later on bought over by the Wadia Group. Britannia is one of India’s leading biscuit manufacturers. Britannia operates with 55 factories in India & 1 factory each in Dubai & Oman. Special attention is payed to product quality and hygiene factors. Britannia’s main brand is “ Good Day”. We at A. Baur & Co.(Pvt.)Ltd. are proud to be the sole Sri Lankan agent for Britannia.

Villars is a premium pure Swiss chocolate, crafted by expert Swiss chocolatiers using Swiss milk and the finest ingredients. Villars, a specialist in Swiss milk chocolate, presents an outstanding selection of pure chocolates, created using different chocolate variations on milk: White Pure, Blond Pure, Milk Pure, Fusion Pure, Dark Pure Fruity 64% and Dark Pure Intense 72%.

By carefully selecting ingredients at source and developing lasting relationships with their suppliers, Villars is able to offer you the finest chocolate collection, inspired by excellence from around the world.

Villars chocolate has 7 different variants

  • Pure blond premium chocolate
  • Pure milk premium chocolate
  • Pure Fusion premium chocolate
  • Pure dark premium chocolate
  • Classic Milk Chocolate
  • Classic Dark Chocolate
  • Classic Milk Chocolate With Crushed Hazelnut

Hero Fruit Spread

Hero is well recognized worldwide for its delicious fruit spreads of premium quality. Our unique vacuum cooking technology protects the natural nutrients, maintains large pieces of fruit and helps maintain natural colour and fruity taste. Hero Fruit Spreads represents highest Swiss quality standards. Hero products are made with natural ingredients, with no artificial colouring / flavours and preservatives.

Hero AG founded in 1850 is a Swiss Company, with manufacturing facilities in Germany that produce and distribute premium fruit jams, preserves, spreads, nectars, glazes, fruit paste compounds and more, in individual and bulk packaging worldwide. Hero caters to businesses in the food service industry who want only the finest taste and premium quality and is steeped in a rich tradition of quality fruit preserving.


Buitoni is an Italian Food Company based in Sansepolcro. It was founded in 1827. They are known for their factory-produced products of pasta and sauces. Buitoni produces a range of pasta. The Company exports products to about 50 countries and offers private-label production services. From the very start the values of Italian tradition together with innovation have been the hallmark of Buitoni products. To this day, the name BUITONI is synonymous with “Italian Style” authenticity, tradition and imagination.

Product Description


Spaghettini 71


Spaghetti 72




Penne Rigate




Maccheroni Express ( 3 minute pasta)


Spaghettini Express (3 minute pasta)


I Love cosmetics from the United Kingdom is a bath, body and beauty brand that lovingly creates gorgeous, deliciously scented products. I Love cosmetics offers a wide range of products and flavours from bubble bath to shower gel, body butters to body lotion and many more products in mouth watering flavours like Mango & Papaya, Raspberry & Blackberry and Strawberries cream offering an affordable everyday treat to anyone who wishes to add some excitement to their bath and body regime.

The I Love team works to make customers smile and focuses on fun loving female audiences, with the purpose of introducing affordable luxury bath, body and beauty products to the market. The product range has expanded in the past years reaching over to many countries across the globe and now is here in Sri Lanka (launched in 2016). We Baurs Consumer are delighted to introduce I Love cosmetics to the local market.