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Swiss is Switzerland’s national airline, and serves 73 destinations around the world from its Zurich hub & from Basle, Lugano & Geneva international airports with A fleet of 87 aircrafts. People who fly with Swiss always feel at home & with its core values of “personal care”, “Swiss hospitality” and “quality down to the finest detail”.

Travel should provide new impressions and make possible new encounters, yet your privacy should always be preserved. Our goal is for you to feel at home at all times, in the air and on the ground. That’s why we offer you not standardised service but personalised care responsive to your needs. We don’t talk about what we notice. We act on it discretely and with keen attention to detail. This approach may elevate us little beyond what the Swiss have a well known reputation for. But that is exactly as it should be.


We cater exclusively to your wishes.with a maximum of 12 first class armchairs. You eat exactly when you wish to. Perhaps you care to have only a small selection from our a-la-carte service or may be you want to indulge in a multiple-course meal and enjoy the various premium wines with it. And as soon as you’d like to go to sleep, your armchair transforms into a perfectly flat bed over two metres long.


On our intercontinental routes business class is designed to enable you to do whatever you have the desire and time for and you always remain undisturbed whether you’re working or relaxing. Your comfortable multifunctional seat transforms into a couch that lets you stretch out to your full length. Even when your flight doesn’t last long on European routes we find time to serve you a carefully prepared meal. On longer european flights we offer you multiple courses and a wide selection of premium wines.


We don’t tie quality to price. One example is our seats. The backrest is constructed of high-tech carbon fibre and kept so thin that we can provide you with noticeably more legroom. Or consider our menu selection : on every long-haul flight we offer you a choice of a meal with and without meat. Another example pertains to entertainment and information. In many of our aircrafts you have an individual entertainment centre directly at your seat that you can enjoy at all times.